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About Us

Who are we?

Eaya Diagnostics Inc. is a technology-based medical device innovator focused on POCT (Point of Care Technology) in IVD (In-vitro Diagnostic Products) industry. Our unique biomedical sensor platforms based on nanostructures are innovated and disruptive solutions for medical applications, especially for accurate and quick diagnosis of heart diseases by reading and analyzing  cardiac biomarkers .

The company locates in Markham, Ontario, Canada, co-develops and collaborates with Department of Chemistry & Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN) of University of Waterloo to commercialize the scientific achievements of the university.Our team has outstanding biomedical and Nanomaterial scientists and significant expertise in life sciences, biomedical engineering field, with experience on R&D, manufacturing and sales & marketing operation.

Mini Device, Big solution – Bring the Central Lab to Your Finger Tips!

Because of NON-Heart Failure (HF) Treated for HF, the Mortality rate is up 357%. It needs a rapid, accurate and simple solution to solve the problem. To diagnose heart diseases and  detect the concentration of cardiac biomarkers normally by central lab analyzers and current POCT cardiac biomarkers readers. However the central lab’s samples testing is complicated and take time for more than one day, and that it needs the professional operator. The inaccurately testing quality is the main flaw for current POCT devices because of the limitation of traditional technical platforms. The IVD market need an accurate, faster, easy-use and low cost solution for the point of care tests.

Eaya’s platform is just the disruptive solution to promote the decentralization of testing from lab to patient self-test and patient monitoring!

Our solution:

  • Disruptively increased sensitive compared to traditional electrochemical sensors
  • Quantitative test
  • One drop of blood
  • Faster
  • Decrease the cost drastically

More Applications


  • Carbon nanotube biomaterials — Leaders Opportunity Award, Canada Foundation for Innovation, 2008
  • A handy device for rapid screening of diarrheal pathogens in water — Stars in Global Health, Grand Challenges Canada, 2013
  • Nano-sensor based device for BNP detection — Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council grant, Canada,2012